Setting up TYPO3 9 locally with build-in PHP-Server and SQLite

Mai 23, 2019 Admin

To try out TYPO3 9 you only need a few things:

  • an active internet connection
  • a computer
  • PHP
  • composer
  • SQLite

It’s very likely you can tick off point one (cause you’re reading this right now)!

Check the PHP version

First of all, we open our terminal and check some things.

To check if PHP >7.2 is already installed on our computer we run: php -v. You should get a message like:

check php version in terminal

Otherwise follow the installation guide on:

Check the composer version

Secondly, we’ll check if composer is installed. To do this, we type: composer -V (important: use capital letter). You should get a message like:

check composer version in terminal

Otherwise follow the installation guide on:

Create a new TYPO3 project

After installing PHP and composer we get to the good stuff: Firstly, we have to create a new TYPO3 project. In the terminal go to your preferred folder and run: composer create-project typo3/cms-base-distribution NameOfProject. Composer downloads the latest stable release of TYPO3. In addition, a few packages are being installed. Later on, you can download and install (maybe your own) packages yourself.

install TYPO3 9 in terminal

You know you did it correctly once you see a message like this at the end of the output:

successful installation message

Starting the local PHP-server

Navigate to NameOfProject. Secondly, the setup is required. To do so run TYPO3_CONTEXT=Development php -S localhost:1234 -t public. This command starts the PHP build-in server. Moreover, TYPO3 context is set to Development.

starting the local PHP server

You can access your website on localhost:1234. If port listening fails, you have to declare another port number.

Setting up your TYPO3 project

Go to your local site localhost:1234/typo3/install.php.

TYPO3 first install

In the first step the Install Wizard scans your environment. In my case there are three issues. Because these three problems are only suggestions for a better TYPO3 experience, I ignore them and ‘Continue with errors’. In case of other/more detected issues, you should carefully read through each description and decide if you have to make some changes. Of course, you can also fix the three errors that were detected my Install Wizard.

TYPO3 install first step

Step two is the important one. We have to select our database. We select „Manually configured SQLite connection“.

TYPO3 install step two
SQLite folder structue

This creates a typo3.sqlite file in „var/sqlite“. This single file contains the whole typo3 database with all tables.

Now click on continue to go to the next step. In this step we create our admin user and specify our site name. Choose any username, password and site name you prefer and continue. However, the password must have a certain strength.

TYPO3 install step four

In the last step we choose „Create empty starting page“ so that we have an easier beginning.

TYPO3 install last step

Now start your own journey through your complete locally installed TYPO3 9 project.

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